Why am I so dumb?

Ever do something that is so dumb you’re like….”Why am I that dumb?”  Neither have I.  See you next time!

Just kidding.  So you may have noticed that I haven’t been on here in a while.  Well, my book finally published.  Yay!  Little tiny yay.  Honestly the whole process of getting it published was so frustrating that I’m surprised I didn’t start pulling my hair out.  More on that later.  What I will say now is that it became available for sale online on January 19th.  I STILL do not have my books in my hand.  It’s February 13th.  What does that mean?  Well let me tell you….

I can’t do a fucking thing!  That’s what that means!  I can’t do any PR. I can’t do any interviews because I need to tell them when I am going to be doing book signings, I can’t nail down any book signings because I don’t have any fucking books!!! SO frustrating.  BUT, because I’m so new at this, I decided that I would go and check out a couple of book stores anyway.

I checked out Audrey’s in Edmonton, which is a smaller bookstore and caters to local authors – cool!  Then I went to a different location, which I thought had a bookstore, but it no longer had a bookstore.  It did, however, have a pastry shop so I had to go in and ask if it used to be a bookstore (which it did, by the way) and since I was in there, I had to get a pastry….only common courtesy.  hee hee hee  I think the bookstore used to be Lori’s?  And I think she used to be on Global Edmonton and do book reviews all the time?  I don’t know, I tried to google it but couldn’t find anything.

Anyhoo, then I went to the Chapters on Jasper Ave and the Indigo at South Common.  All of them said they were quite booked up.  I thought, “Well that works well since my publisher takes a fucking month to get me my books!”  So I emailed all of the bookstores.

I used the same email for all 3 of the bookstores and just changed the name of the bookstore each…..except I forgot for 1 of them…..this is where I get stupid.  I called one of the Chapters store Audreys.  I realized what I had done immediately, so I instantly retracted what I had said to her and apologized profusely admitting how stupid I am.

She was the first to reply to me, shockingly enough and requested some information from me, including the picture of my book.  This is where I get really stupid.I don’t know if any of you use a mac and if you do, have the same problem that I do, but anything that I download the same day doesn’t come up instantly in the browser, so the picture that I downloaded was not the picture of my book.  In fact, it was this:

Ya, that was the picture that I used for ordering glasses recently.  So not only did I call her Chapters bookstore Audreys bookstore, I sent her a selfie instead of the cover of my book….Silver lining – I noticed it right away.

Not sure if she’s going to deal with me.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice….