Excuse? Reason? Potato? Tomato?

What is the difference between an excuse and a reason?  Well let me tell you – obviously I’m going to tell you because if I didn’t the blog would be over…der. (That’s a word I say instead of duh.  You know…like…der.  Ya! Like that.)  Squirrel!  Anyhoo – I think the difference between an excuse and reason is believability.  Let me explain…

So, I have this rare fucking condition (I have many conditions – some are legit, some I make up – this one is real) called granuloma annulare that gives me these awesome tumors, bumps and lumps on my hands.  They’re really pretty – kind of like mold is pretty on cottage cheese – and annoying.  I’ve been going to my doctor every 10 days to get shots in the really big tumor looking one.  I don’t just get one shot though – oh nay nay, I get about 4 and he sticks the needle in and then moves it around and shoots it up.  Good times.  So now it’s all swolled up (yes I realize that’s not a word but I like it, therefor it is now a word.  I will start a dictionary of my own sometime.) and painful.  It hurts.  But typing I can compensate with other fingers, obviously.

SO!  Now, if I was to say to the husband that I couldn’t clean today because of my finger he would 1) assess whether he has a chance of having sex tonight and say ok or, more than likely, 2) say that it was an excuse.  Now, both of us know that I don’t like cleaning so the husband would definitely say it’s an excuse but I think it is a reason because my finger hurts!

If I was supposed to play volleyball today – my finger would be a reason I couldn’t but if I said I had irritable bowel syndrome – that would be an excuse.   Being sick – that’s a conundrum, cause everybody says that they’re sick and how many people really are?  And lots of people work through their sickness.  So most people don’t believe when other people are sick – so they think it’s an excuse. Unless they’re really sick – then it’s a reason – SO confusing….Then there’s just plain lying…I don’t think we have tie to get into that…

I used to work with someone when I was young who would come up with a different excuse every day that they couldn’t work – it became the running joke in our house.  “So, what’s the excuse today?”  “Well, apparently she broke her leg today.”  The next day her leg was perfectly fine.  She was very young but it was very funny.  I wonder if her kids do that today?

I have decided I am going to do something different with this blog.  I am going to keep doing my funny little blogs like this because we all needs laughs in our day.  Everyone keeps telling me that I need to have a focus with my blog, but I think my blog does have a theme – it’s just a funny, upbeat blog.  I could go the serious, bitch about stuff kind of blog (which, believe me, would be a lot easier to write about!!) but I don’t want to do that.  We have enough depressing shit in our lives!  So I am going to keep doing these type of blogs but I am also going to start doing reviews.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before.  I watch a tonne of movies and tv shows so why not review them? So watch for that.

Tah Tah for now!