Reviews of Chewing Gum, Crazy Heads, Solace & Clevercutter

So I was watching CityLine the other day and the creator of Working Moms was on.  She was pretty cool.  She explained why she started the show, blah, blah, blah.  I decided I would give Working Moms 1 more chance.  I’ll let you know how that goes….

Chewing Gum on Netflix is written by and stars Michaela Coel. The show is about Tracey Gordon, an awkward twenty-something that has been dating the same ultra-religious man for 4 years but hasn’t so much as kissed, but she is so sexually curious she could burst. She is also being raised by an over-the-top religious mom & sister but has very ‘experienced’ friends.
This is a British television show, with a very fast talking cast so it’s hard to understand them most of the time. (and I have many years of watching Coronation Street so I am used to the accent!) A lot of the time the comedy is visual so you pretty much get the point.  The main character’s acting is very good and the comedy is laugh-out-loud.  It made it beyond the first season and has the 2nd season on Netflix so it must be doing something right!  If you can get over the language barrier it’s a half hour of good laughs.   I’ll give it a 6.75

Crazyhead on Netflix is another British TV show but this one is a lot easier to understand!  This one is very much like the American show “Grimm” except these two girls, Amy and Raquel, can just see demons – not all magical creatures.  Amy is new to this whole “seeing demons” thing but Raquel has been able to see them since she was 14 so she is now showing Amy the ropes.  The first episode I thought the storyline was brilliant, but now I don’t know if I would use the word brilliant….cool maybe.  Ya, cool is a better word.  Amy is very prudish (and she can’t run, that’s such a pet peeve of mine.  I mean really – if you’re casting someone in an action show you need to find someone who can run for fuck sakes!) Raquel is funny as shit with a very unfortunate fashion sense.  Funny side note – The shirt she was wearing (leopard print with solid green on the top and then a different coloured sleeve) was the same shirt one of the characters was wearing on Coronation Street!  Ha ha.  And its sooooo bad!  That’s why I noticed it!  Bwaaa haha haha

This show had me laugh out loud in the first five minutes.  Raquel just says the absolute funniest things!  Of course it’s totally far fetched and you want to hate it because it’s so silly but you have to love it because of Raquel and Amy is so adorable and naive.  Then you have Jake, who is in love with Amy and he is awkward and talks to himself in a sweet, funny, creepy way and you kind of root for him to get the girl but she likes the really hot, like drooling hot! brother of Raquel who is adorable and sweet too.  And hot, did I mention hot?  This show doesn’t have a very high rating on Netflix but it has a higher rating on IMDB.  I rate it a 7.25.  Many LOL’s!

Wal-Mart Select movie Solace Starring Anthony Hopkins & Colin Farrell.  I’m not sure why they put Colin Farrell as one of the top billing actors because he wasn’t exactly a main character, but oh well.  Anyway, Jeffery Dean Morgan (I know him best as Denny from Grey’s Anatomy) is an FBI special agent who is hunting a serial killer and enlists the help of special agent Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) who  has been in isolation for 2 years after the death of his daughter.  Clancy is psychic, but the problem is so is the serial killer!

I love Anthony Hopkins, his acting is brilliant.  I love Colin Farrell too but for different reasons… This movie was a total, edge-of-your-seat kind of movie.  I didn’t even want to get up to pee and I have the bladder of Pez dispenser.  I’m not a huge fan of Jeffery Dean Morgan’s acting but there’s one scene that he did particularly well – I’m sure you’ll know it when you see it.  I will dock the movie for leaving you going – “Ok, so now what’s he going to do?”  I fucking hate that.  I like to have clarity at the end of a movie.  So I’m going to give this movie an 8.  It will be on my list of movies that I play over and over again at night to fall asleep.

The Clevercutter.  I’ve always wanted to try out these kitchen scissors, so the last time I went into the “As seen on TV” store I decided to try them.  They offered me the insurance but I declined – I guess that should have been my first clue.  They’re shit.  I put a bunch of green onions together and this was the result:

Son of a Ceasar Salad I should have got the insurance…They only cut hard stuff – not soft.  I wanted them to cut everything!!  So it’s going to be another gadget that sits in my drawer or it will go into the garage sale pile and hopefully none of the 8 people that read my blog show up to the garage sale!

Next review will be Win Win starring Paul Giamatti and Jeffrey Tambor (Love both of them!) and Sugar Mountain (I don’t know anybody in this movie).   I’ve ordered some shit from Facebook that I get sucked into so I’ll review something from that too.  I’m also going to review these sliders from Taste of Home magazine: