I’m Ba-aaack

Wow, how long has it been?  It’s been a long time, however long it’s been!  So here’s my problem…in my head I envision things taking a couple of hours and in reality they take 3 weeks.  Seriously, I thought that planting my flowers, in my head, was going to take an afternoon…in reality, how long has it been? well, it took that long.

This was my process.  I planted a few seeds and by a few seeds, I mean a few seeds of about 50 different kind of plants.  Because! not all of the plants are going to take, right?  I started them in my house and then I took them into my shop.  Then I had a few bulbs to plant, and by a few, I mean about 15 different kinds, with at least 5 bulbs in each bag.

This year I decided I was just going to do pots. 1) because we thought about moving…that has been put on the back burner for now.  2) because we have a ridiculous puppy who eats and

chews and digs and who knows what. C) because I like them.  The problem is that I had way more plants than pots.  BUT I found this awesome spray paint for plastic!  It’s so cool!  AND THEN!  I found awesomer spray paint, with awesomer colours for cheaper!!  So I spray painted a bunch of 5 gallon pails these really pretty colours and used them as flower pots!  Sweet!


I have magazine and books for plans to make pots so early on I searched for seeds, but of course I couldn’t find all of them.  I went to greenhouses to find seeds, but there were so many pretty plants I had to buy some plants that were already in bloom so I had even more plants to plant….on top of all the seeds that I had planted.

So every day I would go out to the shop, saying to myself this is the last day. Every. Day. All. Day. Planting, planting, planting.  BUT, now the plants are starting to bloom and they are B-U-T-FULL!!


But alas, I’m still not done….some of the little plants that I planted in the planters haven’t survived. Mostly the fillers and spillers.  You’re supposed to plant Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers.  The Thrillers are doing well because they are the bulbs but the fillers and spillers are the seeds that I planted and I may have put them out a bit too soon. Fuck a duck.  BUT, I still have some left in the shop….actually a shit tonne left in the shop so I’m going to replace lots of them.


I also have a plan to do an all seasons planter that I’m pretty excited about but, of course, I have to start them from seed and I had to order them from eBay.  I also bought a bunch of succulent seeds that I’m totally stoked about!  So ya…I’m starting the process all over again….without even finishing the last projects…..

So now, of course, I have over-bought seeds on e-bay and will have dirt and plants coming out of my ass, once again!!  And then the guilt takes over…should I really be doing this?  Is there something else I
should be doing that’s more important?  Like the VA course that I’m taking?  I should really get more done on my second book. But I don’t want the money that I spent on these seeds to go to waste….etc, etc, etc.

But I don’t know why I worry – it only takes an afternoon to get done….